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Getting the best price for your business for sale, in Florida and elsewhere, depends greatly on the range of potential buyers you have access to. In truth, no matter how specialized your company may be, there is someone willing to buy it--the trick lies in finding them. At, we specialize in providing an online location where buyers and sellers can meet, no matter where each of them is located.

Much like a regular classified section in a local paper, our website allows sellers to list all of the information relevant to the company they are selling. The main difference is the scope on which we operate. As an online entity, our listings are available worldwide. Additionally, access to our listings is entirely free, leading thousands of potential buyers to browse through them regularly.

As simple as it may be to list on our website, it's important for sellers to be prepared. Appraising your business is a fundamental step. Buyers are usually well informed and will stay away if the price is obviously too high. On the other hand, without a proper appraisal, you may end up asking far less than your business is worth. Having the right plan is an important step to ensuring that the selling process will run as smoothly as possible.

Exposure is one of the keys to success, whether you are running a business or trying to sell it. At, our goal is to provide a spotlight for your listing, helping you find the buyer and price you are looking for. Best of all, you stay in complete control of the process, as we do not take a commission on any sales completed through our website.

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