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As important as exposure may be when trying to sell a business, it's important to make sure that it's the right kind. Unless you have limitless resources, it's best to take a targeted approach with your marketing strategy. Not only will this improve your odds of success, but it'll also ensure that you'll only attract serious individuals.

At, we specialize in online businesses for sale. Our listings reach thousands of people located across the world who are specifically looking for new business opportunities. In fact, on average, over 10,000 unique individuals view our listings within a month. In addition to this impressive traffic, our subscriber-based newsletter, in which we highlight and include many of our online listings, is sent out to 2,400 buyers.

At, we do not act as a broker. Instead, our service focuses on providing sellers an opportunity to have their listings viewed by a large contingency of potential buyers. Once the two have connected, negotiation and finalization of a deal is entirely up to them. Considering the substantial number of sales made through our website, we always recommend that sellers walk into the process prepared.

One of the advantages of using an online listing is its immediacy. No matter what time of day you send us your listing, it will appear at the top of our database within the hour. Additionally, the ad you post can be modified, as needed, at any time of the day. From the content of your listing to the completion of your sale, you remain in control. Our goal is to provide a place where you can maximize the return on your business investment.

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