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If you have one or more internet businesses for sale, can help put you in contact with thousands of potential buyers located around the world. Whether they are already established or newly created, there is a growing demand for internet businesses. In fact, we even have a section strictly dedicated to the sale of domain names.

The sale of an internet business should be approached with the same professionalism as the sale of any other business. One of the most important steps is to get a proper appraisal. At, we are capable of providing you with a comprehensive 20-page appraisal within three to five business days. As one of the oldest appraisers in the business, we can guarantee from experience that such an appraisal can increase the overall value of your business.

Getting an appraisal through has the added benefit of providing you with a free three-month listing in our database and a listing in our weekly e-mail newsletter. This means your internet businesses for sale will reach the over 2,400 registered buyers we are in contact with, in addition to the ever-increasing pool of individuals who check our regular listings. Not only will this provide your company with unparalleled exposure, but it will increase the number of potential sellers competing for your business.

It is also important to create an attractive business package for buyers. Once the initial contact is made through our listing, the seller has to close the deal. Not only will your listing provide potential buyers with the information they need, but it will also help the seller during the negotiation period that is bound to occur. Having as much information as possible is the best way to showcase your company's strengths, while also keeping you in control.

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